Welcome to the Portraits of John Langeveld



I am an artist from Calgary specializing in portraits and landscapes


For over 50 years, I have been capturing the essence of both people and pets.

Quality portraits begin with subjects who are at ease and being uniquely themselves. This is what I capture in all of my portraits.

from live posing, but that is not always possible (kids like to move around )  interacting with children usualy works the best, taking professional snap shots and use the images to complete the portrait in my studio.  Portraits can also be done from existing photos if you already have a favourite.. the quality of your photo must be excelent quality





My client base is from all over the world including New York, Rome, Phoenix and Europe . It does not matter where you are, I can work with you to create your own unique masterpiece.


I studied fine arts and photography in the Netherlands.


Please contact me so we can get started.

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